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Visit Spain and France, two amazing European countries by TheNorthernBoy

Guest post alert 😊 A post of mine is up on his website so I am doing likewise. Enjoy... Visiting Spain or France for vacation? I have been visited both Spain and France a few times. So, I wanted to write a friendly post to share my thoughts on these two amazing European destinations. lets look at their qualities; Spain Prices The prices in Spain can be hit and miss dependant on location. For example, Barcelona is expensive and various other Spanish locations can be a world apart regarding price. It also, depends on the type of holiday you are going for.

A Delighful Few Days in Kigali

I went back to Rwanda for a few days, but this time I only stayed in the capital as I went for a meeting. It was a quick trip but I was sure to make the best of it. I went by road from Kibondo in Western Tanzania and it was an 8 hour drive. There are hardly any tarred roads in Kibondo so I was on bumpy roads for about 4 hours then close to the border, the road was tarred but had a lot of potholes so it wasn’t different. From the border to Kigali takes 3 hours and a half and the roads are good. There are parts that are rough but the road is good in general. The scenery for me was the best part. Rwanda is beautiful indeed.