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On Monday, 14th April 2014, my sister and I set out to work in the city centre of Abuja. W e live about 15km away from the city centre so we have to pass daily by Nyanya which is about 12km away from the city centre. We were heading out as usual and at that time of the morning being the rush hour, many were heading out too. It could take up to 40 minutes to get to the city centre with the traffic (this is normally a 20 minute drive from where I live without traffic) and this day was no different. We left home earlier, at 6:50am, as we had a stop to make before going to work at 8:30am. Thankfully, we both start at the same time. At about 7:05am, right ahead of us, we saw this biggest flame of fire we had both ever seen, my sister was calling my name and gripping my arm so tightly, the fire exploded which caused the entire area to shake and there was such a loud bang!