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What pays?

Does it pay to be good anymore? A friend of mine blurted that question out while we were having a conversation. We had a very long conversation about life which touched about everything. She had gone through some experiences that were making her question all she was taught and believed in.   I actually took time to reflect on this question: today does it pay to be good? It seems the good people are the bad ones because they refuse to conform and they end up looking imprudent for their actions. On the other hand, so much evil is perpetrated and it is second to normal to be bad. In the society, at work places, corruption is so rampant, in the news there are always evil stories making headlines.

This and That ;)

Blazing hot, reflections unbearable to the eyes, that's how hot the sun has been in this part of the world. Luckily, a thick mast of clouds have begun to gather, black and ready to burst, nothing withheld, the downpour came...breeze, coolness, lower temperatures, phew! The sound on the roof, the clean smell everywhere, beautiful green to behold, nature. Its the rainy season :-) I have a free Saturday this weekend, yippee! I literally have my Saturdays dedicated to attending friends’ weddings these days. So many people are getting married. It is a pleasure to witness love expressed by taking the bold step to tie the knot. On the other hand, I also ask myself every now and then, why are there so many divorces today?  Marriage as I have understood from when I was a child is an institution that is meant to last for a life time. So what is it people are doing wrong? Many of our parents have stayed together through thick and thin. They didn’t have as much information an