Thursday 26 July 2012

The Unknown

From the tender age of their teens, he had his eyes on her…but flee was all she did, his name was one around and hurt she feared.
Years passed same way he would come and go. They both led their lives oblivious of any connection.
Away they both went with the wind but things didn’t work out both ways and back in each others way they were thrust once again.
Plan B she cannot accept to be, she was there the whole time but right past he walked and made a choice.
True he claims to be but slighted is all she feels. Black or white it has to be, shades of gray are not good enough.

Unspoken words, unanswered questions linger but intimidated by her outspoken nature he remains and proper communication eludes them.
Hurt her eventually he did but a future together he wants despite all. Bringing herself to accept that and trust him again she cannot do just yet…Trust has to be earned and that much she expects of him.
Left off trails…hoping to pick up from where it stopped is all he acts out but it won’t work that way for the lass.
Matters of the heart, who can comprehend them?

Could it be love? Love…a word…so many have doubted whether it truly exists. Love is pain but love everyone seeks in some form.
At the least expected time and places, love finds us. Caution thrown to the wind, reckless abandon takes people in love over. Too many times love doesn’t come the way we expect it but love is hardly enough.
Thoughts wandering; is it meant to be?