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Once upon a time...

Who made you judge of anybody she retorted, tears streaming down her face…. They once were happy but now that joy seems to elude her. Going down memory lane, she remembers how the sound of laughter always filled her home, they once were the couple everybody wanted to be like, the promise of tomorrow was bright but today it all looks bleak. Who else could she have married if not him? They dated through university and even when it got tough, they grew stronger in love. The one true love of her life, her happy ending.


Some predicted that the world would end sometime last year but here we are :-) Passing moments….quick seconds, a life given, a life taken! New aspirations, new dreams, fresh moments, new years… Miracles, disappointments, break ups, pleasant surprises. Clinging onto every bit of hope as nothing else is worth holding onto. We were made to be ‘diamonds in the sky’ lighting up our world wherever we find ourselves for our next moments can never be predicted. Life’s moments are not to be taken for granted…the good, the bad, the ugly all make up the experiences. It’s up to us to learn from them or not. When you forgive, it’s not for the other person but for you because you cease to let the offender have power over you but when you do not, the offender has power over you and so many times, unknowingly, because you begrudge the person while he/she continues with life oblivious of what may be going on in your mind. If you need to have a confrontation, go ahead and move on,