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Cringe worthy racism tales of people with brown skin

I just got a reminder that I had to write about this subject! Sometimes, the world seems to move on from certain issues or shall I say, some of them just come to be. I was in Lagos, Portugal recently, it is beautiful! It is peaceful, the views are breathtaking. I stayed in Meia Praia area and it is not yet 'polluted' by chaos and noise, it is an amazing holiday destination. Will write about that in a separate post! My sister was my travel companion and we noticed quite quickly that there were not many people with brown skin. We were stared at a lot, that's nothing new, we would smile at some point when the staring was unending 😊


A week ago, I was at my god mother’s and she invited me to join her for a session in somatics, which I had never heard of. When the instructor came in, I had no idea what to expect. She mentioned to me that it was a form of body movement that I might not have done before. She was partially right.  She told me that we have the tendency to want to stretch when we feel tight in certain parts of our bodies, but this was more about feeling and acknowledging the tightness or whatever feeling there might be. When we started, we were asked to shut our eyes then relax. All we needed to do was follow instructions. The instructors voice was soothing but firm. Three words I heard a lot were ' breathe ', ' feel ', ' relax '. It was all about slow controlled body movements. At some point, when we were asked to raise a leg, following her instructions, my leg started to feel heavy. At that point I found myself holding my breath but as she said relax and feel yo