Wednesday 22 October 2014

A day in traffic

On my way home one day, the whole place started to darken.
A storm was on the way.
It started lashing down, the heavy downpour was the heaviest in a few weeks.

The street hawkers ran for shelter under a bridge
But a few remained hawking right there in the rain
I saw someone buying a drink from a guy who was completely soaked.
The person rolled down his glass just enough to take the drink and took the glass up so quickly.

I could see the rain pouring but like I was not convinced, I rolled my glass down just a little and the rain slapped me to wind up quickly. And as is normal with rain, traffic slows down due to poor visibility.

Saturday 18 October 2014

This post was written by Abj Loving, Abuja Living about my sister here. First published on Monday, October 6th. I just had to share :-)

Young and In Charge: Odachi Abah

Over the course of the last four weeks, we have met young people with an interest in acting; this has shown that Nollywood is an industry that has come to stay one that is providing jobs for the younger generation, one that keeps them away from crime and one that should be encouraged. Our young person of the week today followed her love for theatre, but eventually her love for making people look beautiful took centre stage. What our young persons of these last four weeks have taught us is that, parents are becoming more and more supportive of dreams that were hitherto seen as unconventional, today we see our person of the week’s dad come up with the name for her company and even helps with the registration. The time to start working on your dream is now, it is never too late, today I am proud to present our young person of the week, she is young, she is beautiful, she is brilliant, she is creative, she is the whole package, she is young and she is definitely in charge, she is Odachi Abah.
Tell us a little about yourself.

Ok… I’m Odachi Abah (#widegrin# at full name), a freelance makeup artist, I was born on the 25th of March in Zaria, I am from Benue state, Idoma by tribe. I’m the fifth of six kids to Steve and Alache Abah. My family is my everything and I am thankful for them every moment that I live. I love what I do and I’ll definitely want to get to the peak of my career. I love food (but have to work hard to keep my weight stable :-)
), music, makeup, fashion. I smile a lot, laugh hard and say very little.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

My time in Cross River State

Yesterday was my birthday and I am thankful for all the love and good wishes that I received. I received an early birthday present that had been on my bucket list for some time.

Thanks to the long Eid weekend, my very special someone whisked me off to Obudu, then Afi Drill Ranch in Cross River state. We had two working days as public holiday, so we were gone from Friday 3rd October, to Tuesday, 7th October.

I had heard wonderful stories particularly about Obudu Cattle Ranch/Mountain Resort but what greeted us was amazing. Although it was a long drive, the journey up there was smooth, we went in a group and contrary to what the other travellers thought, they found that the road was in better condition than they expected it to be.

As we drove into the famous Obudu Cattle Ranch/Obudu Mountain Resort I could not contain my excitement, it was beautiful. I thought I would be terrified by the winding road but going up, the view had my total attention.  The Mountain Resort is about 5,200 feet high (1,576m above sea level). See some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Thursday 9 October 2014

Ill treatment by the Nigerian Police

So my sister, Odachi Abah was featured earlier this week on this post. But yesterday,  08.10.2014, she got asaulted by a Police woman in Lagos.

I was having lunch with a friend when a picture came into my phone. I screamed and my friend with whom I was having lunch kept asking what the matter was. I simply showed her the picture, she became so filled with rage. It was a picture from my sister with a caption: ‘ I was assaulted by a Police woman this afternoon’. It didn’t look good! I tried to speak to her but she could not talk, she was at the Police station, the unit where the woman in question works. She went to file a complaint.

Eventually Odachi wrote her account of the assault below:

"On the 8th of October 2014 I got assaulted by a Police Woman. This is what happened. 

On my way home after my NYSC clearance from Oshodi-Isolo LGA, Lagos State, Nigeria, with a friend, Maduka Benson, our vehicle (Maduka was driving) entered a hole which pulled part of the car bumper out. The Police woman controlling traffic kept shouting at us so my friend driving was trying to tell her that our bumper had pulled out, but she insisted that he moves away from there. A gentle man asked my friend not to drive or the entire bumper would pull off the car. He crossed to the other side and helped us fix the bumper so we could move on.