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What kind of traveller are you?

When it comes to travelling, there are different categories of travellers : 1) those who get to the airport way ahead of their flights, then take all the time to stroll around or just wait at their boarding gates 2) those who wait for last minute, are constantly in a hurry, running or missing flights 3) those who spend their time window shopping or eating I happen to be in the first category. I get into a bit of a panic when I'm running late, so I would much prefer to get to the airport early, ahead of the long queues. This saved  me once when I was asked to do a covid test by an airline because they had not yet updated their regulations (didn't need a test) from the country I was travelling to. Thankfully, there was a place to do an antigen test at the airport, and I had more than enough time to get the result, check in and wait to board. I recently had to travel to London via Kigali, Nairobi and Paris. There was a 40 minute delay from Kigali which was not a problem. However,