Monday 11 September 2017

Rwanda - A Country of Hills and History

One country in Africa has had my attention for some time now…the reason being that this country suffered so much tragedy not many years ago. The tragedy put the country in the spotlight but today, the country has made itself one to visit!

You guessed right, it is Rwanda! I visited! I stayed at first in Nyamata, outside the capital, Kigali. It is about 30km and a 30 to 40 minute drive into Kigali. Nyamata might not be the usual urban city but it has its own allure. I stayed in La Palisse Golden Tulip hotel. I hear it is government owned. It has the facilities needed for a comfortable stay.
One side of the hotel
There is an Olympic sized swimming pool which is well maintained.
I was there for work but I have learnt to seize every opportunity! After work, I stayed on for five more days to explore. The training I attended took place in the same hotel. Having the pool to go to each day was a delight!