Monday 30 November 2015

It's a question of identity

I was travelling in Europe recently and in one of the countries where I was, my host asked me if I could speak "South African". Before that question, she had spoken extensively about how she was in love with Africa and how when she was younger, she used to perform African songs as she was in a band. She has never visited and hopes to someday. It might sound like a cliché but she spoke about Africa like it was a country.  I indulged her and listened, before I could answer, she went on anyway. She mentioned that she had never visited Africa but was keen to do so. The next question, I can't remember how exactly she framed it but it came across like Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana were all cities that were next to each other. At this point, I told her to give me a minute then I pulled up this map of Africa.

Thursday 26 November 2015

Root n Raw 2

 As I walked in, the first thing that jumped at me was the stage back drop. The material used looked like shredded cloth, almost like patches of cotton wool but it had a mix of bright colours, red, blue, white, yellow, orange...the light had some effects that might have made me see colours that were not there maybe, hahahahaaha. Someone welcomed us all at 7:20pm and the show started.

Atta Lennel started on the piano, he played a soft, soothing tune,

Wednesday 4 November 2015

All about my Sky Diving Experience

I always knew that I wanted to go sky diving but I was unsure of when I would do it and where. Sometime in July 2012, I had a trip planned to Tampa, Florida and as the time drew closer I called my friend who was going to host me to let her know my plan. She immediately got on it and sure enough there were places, but she found a super amazing deal with Jump Florida Skydiving. Skydives were going for half the price! Payments were made and my dive was booked, but we were notified that it would be dependent on the weather.
On the appointed day, while we were on our way, the weather seemed slightly off and we were called to let us know that the weather was not so great, so there could be a delay or the worst (cancellation) might happen. I didn’t like the sound of the latter. It was about an hour’s drive from where my friend lived. It was far out as there had to be enough space for an air strip. We went on anyway.
When we got there, the first thing I had to do was paper work. One of the things I had to sign was a disclaimer stating that if anything went wrong, they would not be held liable. It made me think really hard so I proceeded to ask a few questions about safety, their equipment and how to use the parachute. I was given a mini tutorial and told certain things I would need to do and how my instructor would communicate with me in the air, then I signed the papers. I had come that far and would not allow fear to stop me. I got strapped with my kit and off we went.

Monday 2 November 2015

And I had a hang over...

A few of us got together to organise a baby shower for a friend of ours.
On the day of the shower, one of us was saddled with the task of bringing her to the venue under the guise that we were going for karaoke. The idea had been sold to her and she bought it, infact we gave her the liberty to choose a date which happened to be the date we had all agreed on. P, the one who was to bring her to the venue made her believe that they would have a quick stop so she could collect something from a mutual friend of theirs before proceeding to the karaoke venue.

When they arrived at their friend's house which happened to be the venue, P sent a message to notify us that they were downstairs so the lights were switched off and we all stood slightly away from the door. The door bell rang and the host went to answer the door. Being the gregarious person that she is, we all heard her voice, she came through first. As she opened the door, we all shouted surprise in a chorus. She shut the door, that reaction was priceless. She was ushered in and we all could not help but laugh at her. She kept pointing at us one by one and recounting what we told her earlier in the day and how we managed to leave her behind in the office.