Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Faith Restored

Cars sometimes have a mind of their own…today was one of those days for my car. It was something anyone, including me, might have considered as minor but I was not willing to take any chances so I called the mechanic to pick the car up. That left me with the option of finding my way to work.

The transport system is one that is not exactly functional in Abuja. There are ways to get around but there is no proper system in place. It’s a struggle, like many other things here.

Anyway, I got on a bike and the dust on the back road we took had me blinking a lot. When we got to the stop, there were many cars heading out; private and commercial. Many private cars had no passengers and that made me feel bad for a minute. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Prime of Her Life

She planned her life around him, everything concerning her revolved around him. She moved from country to country with him and would look for jobs wherever they were at the time. It was not the greatest as she went for months sometimes without a job, then most times, the jobs she preferred were overseas. She was happy though to do the little she did to stay active, she spent more time at home to care for him as he worked really hard. This was one of the things she admired most, so it was easy not to hold anything against him. She had dreams of a career which she gave up when she chose this lifestyle with him but that she did with no grudge or resentment as he more than catered to her needs emotionally and financially

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Political Correctness

Too many tend to be highly sensitive over things.

Speaking bluntly now seems insensitive.

Giving diplomatic answers now seems dodgy or not being straight forward.

Being assertive comes across as passive aggressive.

Speaking matter of factly is said to be lack of faith by the religious.

Expressing oneself should not come with so much analysis, should it?

Way to go world...soon thoughts will begin to be read also, huh?

Is the world now all about political correctness?

Friday, 24 February 2017

Avocado, tomato and cucumber salad

Last weekend, there was a pool hang out I was to go to. I wondered what I could possibly take to eat that would not be heavy, so I opted for a salad. It's the easiest thing to make.

- lemon juice
- black pepper
- coconut oil (I used this in the absence of olive oil and it worked perfectly!)
- 8 avocados
- 4 tomatoes
- 2 large cucumbers

Method of preparation

I prepared the dressing a night before...
- juice from one big juicy lemon
- quarter teaspoon of black pepper
- 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix these three ingredients in a bowl and cover then leave overnight in a cool place. I wanted all the ingredients to marinate into each other instead of having the taste of each one stand out, especially the black pepper.

The next day, I chopped avocados, tomatoes and cucumbers into bite sizes then mixed them all up. I poured the dressing over, then put in the fridge.

The salad was a winner! Healthy and not heavy, everyone loved it. Apologies I didn't take photos of the dressing or the salad.

Feeling lazy, put this together, it is certainly one to try and it takes less than an hour to prepare!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's not so big a deal!

There are some things that have been causing wahala for me and I am wondering if other people have the same experience.

Using people's photos as BBM or WhatsApp display pictures:
When it is a person's birthday, there is a trend where the person's photo is displayed  along with wishes. This extends to when someone is getting married, celebrating a wedding anniversary, a child's birthday and any possible thing to celebrate. 

This is an amazing thing to do and it sure makes people feel acknowledged and special.
 I have both of these applications on my phone and I use them like anyone else but there are certainly parts I know I do not explore.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The State of Nigerian roads

I travelled to my village in Benue state at the end of last year and one major observation, is that I would put the state of the roads on top of my list, before any other factor if I were in the position to give a report on what the likely causes of accidents might be, which is at an astoundingly high rate.
We got into Benue state and went through Makurdi, but after Makurdi, some parts of the road were in a worse state than I can remember. The road from Gwer local government area (LGA) to Aliade LGA and Taraku LGA were horrible. If we were talking only about pot holes, that might have been less grave, but I am talking about deep pot holes that have also eroded.
Certain parts of the road were not motorable and drivers on that side would have to swerve into the other lane of oncoming vehicles to avoid any tragedy. This in itself is extremely risky but drivers are left with no choice. 
That brings me to another point…I am yet to understand why some federal roads are not dualised! It’s just one strip, so people going in both directions know to be on their side of the road. No dividers, nothing. This makes it pretty easy for countless accidents to happen. Between Otukpo and Otobi (where there is a Federal Government College), the erosion is epic, a part of the road has been eroded into one lane!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mindfulness Meditation: wrapping up 2016

Sometime this year, I started to look more into meditation and mindfulness. I was looking to reconnect with myself on a certain level, and I knew what I needed to do.

My god mother and her husband are mindfulness meditation instructors and naturally I turned to them. My god mother gave me two books written by her husband on the subject. And guess what! He signed them, whoop whoop!

Happiness and How It Happens: Finding Contentment Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Compassion: Embracing Life with Loving Kindness

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

World peace

Unfulfilled dreams
Crumbling houses
Trapped bodies
Dwindling hope

Bomb blasts
Chemical poisoning




World leaders

Somehow, hope keeps us going...