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Faith Restored

Cars sometimes have a mind of their own…today was one of those days for my car. It was something anyone, including me, might have considered as minor but I was not willing to take any chances so I called the mechanic to pick the car up. That left me with the option of finding my way to work. The transport system is one that is not exactly functional in Abuja. There are ways to get around but there is no proper system in place. It’s a struggle, like many other things here. Anyway, I got on a bike and the dust on the back road we took had me blinking a lot. When we got to the stop, there were many cars heading out; private and commercial. Many private cars had no passengers and that made me feel bad for a minute. 

The Prime of Her Life

She planned her life around him, everything concerning her revolved around him. She moved from country to country with him and would look for jobs wherever they were at the time. It was not the greatest as she went for months sometimes without a job, then most times, the jobs she preferred were overseas. She was happy though to do the little she did to stay active, she spent more time at home to care for him as he worked really hard. This was one of the things she admired most, so it was easy not to hold anything against him. She had dreams of a career which she gave up when she chose this lifestyle with him but that she did with no grudge or resentment as he more than catered to her needs emotionally and financially . 

Political Correctness

Too many tend to be highly sensitive over things. Speaking bluntly now seems insensitive. Giving diplomatic answers now seems dodgy or not being straight forward. Being assertive comes across as passive aggressive. Speaking matter of factly is said to be lack of faith by the religious. Expressing oneself should not come with so much analysis, should it? Way to go world...soon thoughts will begin to be read also, huh? Is the world now all about political correctness?