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iBLOG - Meeting Japheth Omojuwa and Ahmed Isah

I had the choice of attending Iyanya’s album launch or iBlog on Saturday, 24 th February, 2013. However, I had committed myself to iBlog long before so I decided to stick with it. I ran into Iyanya the day before who turned out to be so cool but yeah, there’ll be many other shows :-) I attended the first iBlog meeting where I met an extraordinary man who had convictions and would stand by them, a man who is using social media to bring awareness and wake Nigerians up to see the bigger picture. I admire his zeal and the passion with which he drives his message. He has been told enough to discourage him but Japheth Omojuwa is unrelenting to put it mildly.

The Art of the Game

Have you ever felt like you have been played? No need to ask right? We sure all have! You know when you feel like you’ve simply been used as an end to a means in whatever respect...most popular on the list is when two people like each other and the guy gets his hands on the cookie, takes it and runs or the lady gets her hands on the cash or the thing she needs from the guy and she dumps him without looking back?  I have a friend who loved this guy silly, she could almost lay down her life for him and he was a total waste of time! I’m sorry to say but yeah at the time he meant everything to her but never treated her right. He was living off her and she was too blind to see. You know when people are ‘in love’, it’s always smarter to stand afar off and be the onlooker because once you get tangled in it, you become the enemy when it’s all sorted out....sound familiar?lol We called her ‘Miss mumu international’, she certainly will read this post (Pardon me my dear friend


I have been asked a few questions about this subject recently. Some people I have spoken to do not see any reason why the y should be bothered about their genotypes. Some can't even wrap their heads around it. I am not a medical personnel but I will try to explain what I can, I will also provide links where I found useful information so you can do some research on the subject. Please correct me where I may write something that does not add up :-) I remember being taught in Biology in Senior Secondary School the composition of genotypes, that stayed with me and this may be a little Biology lesson but it is worth reading. First of all, genotypes are genetic make ups of cells. Some of the genotypes that exist to my knowledge around the part of the world where I am from are: AA, AS and SS...I have heard of the C heamoglobin but it is not very popular. Anyway, with the C, there are AC and SC (not sure how it works).

Pearls Support Group Abuja

I was invited to a support group for women today, the topic for the day was: 'What is wrong with me? I am still not married' - catchy huh? Women from different walks of life were there, married, single and widowed. Everyone had something tangible to add to the discussion. It was a productive session, it was also very educative. The openess amazed me. Hurting women, happy women, we all were there. A woman shared some of her experiences in relationships, i.e. before she got married. She had been in a few abusive relationships, she didn't know any better. Another talked of how she felt everyone only wanted to take from her, some who seemed to have lost focus of why they should even be in a relationship talked of their experiences and we all came to a conclusion that sometimes, we are preoccupied with wanting to be 'hooked up' that we lose sight of who we are and why we should even be in a relationship.