Tuesday 30 December 2014

What if...

She stood there speaking to herself with a myriad of questions for just one person…

What if I suddenly discovered that everything I ever believed in was false?

What if the ones I hold closest to my heart end up being the ones who have spent their entire lives keeping secrets from me?

What if the one thing I want the most always seems to elude me?

What if the things that were once precious have made me ask… what truly is happiness, and how can it be measured?

What if my whole life has been built on a lie?

What if the concept of faith and belief, is all a farce?

What if love does not actually exist?

What if I am beginning to question my very existence?

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Uh oh!

Uh oh!
On hearing that exclamation and a scream to follow, his mother instantly knew that there was trouble! As harmless as that exclamation sounded, her oldest son only used it when he had a serious situation in front of him.

They were a family of six, very closely knit. Mrs Idoko stopped at having three children initially, but years after , she wanted another so badly, a girl. She was tired of these three soldiers staring back at her with hard faces all the time. She wanted to be able to dress her girl in pink, use ribbons on her hair and eventually when the girl would grow up, she would have someone who would whine to her. Every girl would run back to her mother at some point she liked to believe. Well, she did. A lot!