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Trapped II

If you missed Trapped last week, please read it here. Bewilderment, shock, betrayal, anger, hate all coursed through Laura. She was unsure of what to do. Her boyfriend still in pain tried hard to get himself off the floor, I had hit him really hard, foot and arm right in his groin and face that a part of him must have thought of getting me back. Rape? Woody? How? The three words he heard Laura say. He asked himself also when. He came here to meet Laura’s best friend but this crazy person?  He remembered vaguely how his friends cheered him on, it was his turn to prove himself. The things peer pressure does to people! And it all came back to him.


In order for this story not to be too long, I have split it into two parts, the next part will be published in a week :-) As I walked through the dark alley, those words came right back to me… Down memory lane, it was twelve years ago that I met Laura. We instantly took to each other, we got along so well like we had been friends for a life time. This was strange and new to me. I had always been the one never to get along with people so it had to be a sign. Whatever sign it was, it just wasn't clear. It became normal to see each other every other day or else it felt like something was missing. Years passed by and somehow in my head, we were to grow apart but that didn't happen. As often as we saw, we always had so much to talk about, this was too good to be true to me.

How about travelling?!

There is something about traveling I find very appealing: it opens your eyes and mind to see the world and life differently. I love to travel but sometimes when I do, I've had friends ask what I have traveled for. One time when I traveled and a friend asked where I was and what for, I laid out my itinerary to her and the question that followed was ''just like that?'' and my reply was ''yes, just like that, I am on holiday''.