Friday 14 February 2014

Last trip to Abuja...

“D.G Women Commission” he bellowed in that way only he could pull off to make everyone laugh. Good morning Uncle Sam she said shyly. He had watched her grow up and she remembers him for as long as she has known herself. Why he chose that of everything there is to call Odachi, only he knows. He was late again and got teased that he would have been left behind.

About time to set off and they got into the cars and left Zaria for a conference in Abuja. Uncle Martins made them stop at that ‘cos and doz’ spot in Kaduna, he always makes that stop on his way to Abuja, by now everyone knew to indulge.

Uncle Jenks’ jokes were always enough to send anyone into fits of laughter. Everyone remembers one of the characters he was in a play, he was called ‘chokali’. Although Prof. Oga Steve Abah was a character of his own, he is somewhat the quiet one, advanced in years and experience.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

My Country, your country

Patriotism to one’s country is not only in giving up lives for the country but it starts from everyday interactions and the pronouncements made about the countries.

Being a Nigerian, I may have lived in other countries but home for me is still home.
Some people move abroad and then the very place where their families are and where they once knew as home before suddenly becomes a dreadful place. Don’t get me wrong…I admit there are certain things that are which shouldn’t be or which aren’t that should be but let’s save that for another day…