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Nothing in particular...maybe politics

So recently I have not had the motivation to write.  Except you live in a cave, you would know that Nigeria has had major challenges, for long enough, but the situation is getting worse. Looking at reports from different agencies, here is a link to one of many reports about the situation of some people who have lost everything.  The government seems more concerned about the upcoming elections in February and tends to 'treat the war with indifference'. See this article from the Economist. 


I have been thinking of what to write for the past few days. Baga! Life has not been the same. I have wondered, sought answers, hoped, but all I get in return is deafening silence. Two thousand, it is not just a number, but the number of lives said to have been lost in one day. One is too many. Then two whole thousand? We have wondered what to do, how to force the relevant authorities to act, but we all have a role to play. Will a march make a difference? Maybe too many of us are scared for our lives. A life lost means little or nothing. There are no words, absolutely none to convey my grief. It feels like a hopeless situation as I succumb to helplessness.  Crimes against humanity, fundamental human rights have forcefully been taken away, the right to life and liberty. Our humanity seems to be chipped at each day. When did we become so comfortable with death? May they all rest in peace, may their families be comforted.    In Aski

Idoma Ol'Adam

The last time I was in my hometown/village long enough to observe anything was eleven years ago. So last year, my family went back for Christmas. Benue, the food basket of the nation The packing? The cars had to be loaded the evening before…two families were travelling together. So we had a minibus and another car to go with. It was a long, 8 hour, but smooth drive. We set off just after 6am. I was quite disappointed with the final stretch of the road between Otukpo and Otobi. Normally, we have to pass through Otukpo to get to Otobi. Otukpo is a local government in Benue state and the most popular Idoma town/village. It is the local government which my villages, Otobi - my mum’s village and Onyuwei - my dad’s village, fall under. I have not been to my villages many times, but the few times I have been there, the thing that has always struck my siblings and I is the red sand (as we like to say) in Otukpo. It is still the same, the roads are largely untarred. Between