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Nigeria's ban on potaotes

I walked into KFC Asokoro at lunch time yesterday, it happens to be the closest place to buy food to my place of work. I asked for fries but the ladies behind the counter pointed at a notice and it read something like “due to government policies, we cannot sell fries at the moment”. I asked what the policy was and they reminded me of the ban on certain imports. I burst out laughing and asked almost rhetorically, why local potatoes were not good enough to be used. I looked at the menu wondering what else I could have, then I asked for a zinger burger but was told again that there were no burgers. I was shocked this time and asked rhetorically again, if Nigeria lacked bread. I asked the ladies what they had to offer and was told rice and chicken. I was in no mood to eat rice, fries were top on my list as I had not had any in such a long time! I thanked the ladies for their time and I left KFC for another place that had fries and are happy to work with what is produced locally,

Salmon and potatoe recipe

I visited a friend in November and being the food lover that I am, I prepared a certain dish for her. She enjoyed it so much and asked that I put the dish out here. When I have the time, I cook , m y friend and I share that passion and tend to exchange recipes from time to t ime . So this was a salmon and potato dish. One thing is that I generally do not measure when I cook, I use my discretion for measurements but somehow the portions I end up using are always fine. I improvise a whole lot too. If I post many more dishes, you w ill notice that :-) Ingredients : - Salmon - Spinach - Potatoes - Cheddar cheese (other types of cheese could work too) - Green and red pepper - Crème fraiche - Salt - Black pepper - Onions - Sesoning cubes or any other flavour you might like

Useful information, DIY and life saving tips

Today I will share a few random tips . Some I have tried and some I have heard have saved lives. I hope someone finds the information useful... Teeth whitening - Growing up as a child, my parents always told us to use charcoal to clean our teeth every now and then. We looked forward to those days, when else would we have the chance to run around with 'black teeth'. It was always fun. This is something I have continued doing and it may be psychological, but each time I use charcoal to clean my teeth, they always appear whiter.