Tuesday 27 June 2017

Exploring Malta - That beautiful Island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean

I discovered Malta, a beautiful Island in Europe, in the Mediterranean sometime in 2012. This place is one of those hidden beauties bestowed by nature. I read a bit about the place before going but wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I had to go back in 2013! I am told that it has beautiful weather all year round.

What a view!

Maltese narrow and windy roads

Thursday 15 June 2017

Sunday picnic at Gurara waterfalls

Gurara waterfalls is in Niger state and is roughly 145km by car from Abuja. Niger State is a neighbouring state, North West of Abuja. 

It takes two hours and a half or more to get there, depending on your speed. The road from Abuja is smooth, and there is more than enough to see on the way.
Heading out of Abuja

Express way in Niger state

Approaching the famous Zuma rock in Niger state