Wednesday 28 May 2014


Precise steps,
no distractions,
speaking when necessary,
bold decisions…

Open to learning,
set goals to achieve,
sleepless nights,
blood and tears…

Courage and self confidence,
Belief and accountability,
Failure and enthusiam,
Creativity and planning,
Curiousity and hard work,
Living in the moment…

Anxiety and patience,
Springboard for more…

Chasing dreams…

Thursday 22 May 2014


I have been unsure about many things lately…
About what to write, about how to add value, about where the world is heading.
Too many bad things are happening, too much hatred and anger is tearing our world apart.

My beloved country has been thrust in the spotlight for horrible things lately,it is frightening.
There are wars all over the world and for those who are students of the bible, I am unsure if these are those times when there would be wars and rumours of wars that the bible talked about...

I am unsure of even some of the people around me,
unsure of what to expect, unsure that I can be the change I want to see,
unsure that the little things I do to make a difference matter,
unsure about my future, my career, my plans...

I am unsure that in the near future we will have a world where children would play freely with other children,
unsure that a child could walk into a neighbours' house with no fear of harm,
unsure that the future generation will understand the value of hard work,
unsure that a child will be taught not to take advantage of people, or that a child will know to use things and not people,
unsure that a child will ever know a world of no discrimination...

I am unsure why I am even writing this post but I will publish it all the same…
I have unfinished stories but I am unsure if it alright to work on them or if it is alright to carry on with life like nothing affects me because everything that happens, does. 
In this short life of mine, I have had some bad experiences, I have been robbed at gun point and I was a witness of a bomb blast.

I am unsure if some people may be bothered by some of these events,
unsure if the #BringBackOurGirls campaign matters to some as it has been called a hoax,
unsure if the #NyanyaBomblasts or the #JosTwinBombings have moved certain people
unsure that any value is placed on human lives,
unsure if the #StateofEmergency and the #MultipleBombings that happen in the North Eastern region of #Nigeria, or the #EthnicViolence in the #MiddleBelt, or the #Pollution in the #NigerDelta has pushed the relevant authorities to take bold and decisive steps to curb it all.
I am unsure but glad that despite all these calamities, Nigeria has managed to remain one country.

Unsure and wondering, one step at a time, living everyday like it is golden.

Friday 9 May 2014

La raison d’être

2014 started not so long ago and as always, so many people started the year with New Year resolutions and high expectations but these do not last very long, do they? It is MAY already!
Loved ones may have passed on but we are still here. It cannot just be a fluke; there is a reason for your being alive still.

Do good
We come across different people in our life time. A group of these people could have particular missions in our lives and once that is done, they leave. Others come to remain in our lives forever and of course there are those who may not have our best interest at heart. But be good to all despite the kind of people you may come across.
It is also worth knowing when to let go. I remember this one time when I found myself in a situation where I refused to let go but held onto this friend. I was asked a question by another friend who is much older than I am. “If you have a dog that you love so much but despite your love for it, it bites you all the time, will you keep it?”