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My new favourite thing

Something that’s fast becoming a favourite for me is watching people.  I’ve been doing this for some time, but I am realising more, how much I enjoy it. At airports, social gatherings, it’s amazing the stories the mind could form from just observing. Airports make a great scene – raw impatience, politeness, lateness, cluelessness, all forms of emotions are usually displayed. Have you witnessed any extreme reactions from someone at an airport? Intense!


Drops of lime Beats of fame Wrong decision No one knows the pain Drinks, laughter and joy Blood, sweat and tears Bawling uncontrolled Darkness enveloping Shutting the world out Nobody knows the pain Just there for the gain Around only when it's rosy Loved ones become the enemy Angels are the least respected One moment is life changing Bringing with it joy abounding Healing words from total strangers Hurtful ones by the ones called friends Shifting notions A price too heavy to pay Counsel once given Caution thrown to the wind Riding wild horses Bitter sweet memories to cherish forever Blood is thicker than water The saying as true as can be Time may heal But the layers thicken