Friday 22 November 2013

Well being

The climate in Nigeria seems to have experienced a big shift as it is a lot different from as near as ten years ago. With this difference, one would wonder what outdoor activities can be done to enhance well being. The first thing that comes to mind would be forms of exercise but at the same time there are relaxing and fun activities. The location determines to a large extent what these activities will be. Here are some ideas:

Swimming – We do not experience winter and our temperatures do not even drop as low as 10 degrees (Jos in Plateau State might be an exception to this though). Swimming is an all season booster. It rejuvenates; it refreshes and is a great form of exercise as it works all parts of the body. After a hard day’s job, getting into a pool of water is always a quick way to relax the muscles. If you do not have a phobia for water that is :-)