In order for this story not to be too long, I have split it into two parts, the next part will be published in a week :-)
As I walked through the dark alley, those words came right back to me…

Down memory lane, it was twelve years ago that I met Laura. We instantly took to each other, we got along so well like we had been friends for a life time. This was strange and new to me. I had always been the one never to get along with people so it had to be a sign. Whatever sign it was, it just wasn't clear.
It became normal to see each other every other day or else it felt like something was missing. Years passed by and somehow in my head, we were to grow apart but that didn't happen. As often as we saw, we always had so much to talk about, this was too good to be true to me.

The sad moment came when we had to be separated by our quest for knowledge. I went to Ondham and she made her way across the globe to Pickle. Skype came in handy to keep our love for each other burning and the video calls were awesome. Slowly those dreams we shared as teenagers were beginning to materialise. We both did internships and were fulfilled working there. We also started dating but had made a promise not to let our men come in between us. I loved knowing I had Laura on the other side of the world as my best friend. It was difficult to make new friends I could share any and everything with.

After three full years of not seeing each other, I had the opportunity to go and see her. She was thrilled to have me come all the way. We squealed at the airport from the moment she sighted me, we hugged each other so many times, I was overwhelmed with how much I had missed Laura. There was way too much catching up to do but as much as I wanted to go on, my eyes just wouldn't stay open. I don't remember at what point I slept off but I felt good waking up, very well rested.
Laura being the fitness mistress had gone jogging. I had some breakfast and leisurely had a proper look at Laura's abode. That was when it happened. I looked in that face I knew so well and anger coursed through every vein in me. She can’t know about this was all I thought. Will I make it through another two weeks with such a secret lurking over my head?

She walked through the door bubbly as ever and hugged me excitedly. Our stories continued and in that moment, I put all worries aside and moved on. She had a few places to show me and we had a trip planned to Niagra falls, this would not get in the way of me enjoying my holiday. I will myself hard not to dwell on anything but I look at my beautiful friend and I realise how much I had missed her.
The day out went wonderfully well but I was confronted every time I walked into the sitting room with that picture, I decided to put it to face the wall without her noticing and that made my life bearable. A few trips here and there, it was fun all the way and Niagra turned out to be everything I hoped for and even more beautiful. I had two more days to my departure and I was wondering what I could give to Laura to say thank you for such a wonderful time. We are so close yet so different, her taste in fashion is rather forward and I prefer to look simple but classy. I got her a beautiful ensemble and I stood there looking at it and wondering if it was the right choice for her. 

Just then, the devil walked in. I could sense a presence and I knew who was there. I was afraid to look up especially because this person means so much to Laura. She had talked incessantly about this person that I had expected to be meeting an angel.
But I looked up and I could not help myself. With everything in me, I struck the hardest I had ever struck at anything in my entire life and he was on the floor groaning. This was my secret, I hid it, I thought I had got over it. Not even Laura knew, nobody, it was my demon! Did you think you’d get away with it I shouted... Laura ran into all of this, perplexed, looking from me to him, willing me to explain and the only words that came out of my mouth were ‘he raped me Laura’ and I walked right out the door. 


  1. Very interesting, full of suspense and intruiging. Am waiting for the second part

  2. Nice! I never thought I'd catch myself saying this but I like that you split it up, gives it more on-the-edge-of-the-seat. Knowing women I won't be surprised if her friend takes the guy's side knowing he's a rapist, but I shall wait patiently for the conclusion.


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