How about travelling?!

There is something about traveling I find very appealing: it opens your eyes and mind to see the world and life differently.
I love to travel but sometimes when I do, I've had friends ask what I have traveled for. One time when I traveled and a friend asked where I was and what for, I laid out my itinerary to her and the question that followed was ''just like that?'' and my reply was ''yes, just like that, I am on holiday''.

Previously another friend had told me that he never really thought of African countries when he thought of holiday destinations because, he just didn't think there were any fantastic get away spots there. I had to prove him wrong. I have been to a few African countries and I like to believe that each place has it's own spirit. I don't think that any two countries are the same.

I recently visited a country in East Africa, a region I had never been to. I found it amazing. There was a shock in the difference there is with maintenance, culture, things worked...I digress as I do not intend to take scores! Anyway, I can recommend traveling to that part of Africa as tourism thrives.

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in their everyday activities and the pursuit of money that they feel guilty during any idle moment. One way to be pleasurably idle is going away on holiday, that gives the opportunity to get out of the everyday routine and just relax. It is not just a waste of time being idle at the end of the day because interaction with a new place and people suddenly make you realise how small or how limited your horizon may be.

Being away from your comfort zone also brings out confidence (for those who may feel like they lack it) as you'll need to interact with new people all the time. This is you building more social skills and certain people or experiences you'll have may inspire and motivate you to be a better you. At the end of the day, benefits abound :-) I like to use time away to reflect and evaluate myself then see what I could do differently. You could try this too!

Now talking about travelling, I know certain people who think of only one destination every time the subject of travel comes up. I don't mean that sort of travelling as going to the same place doesn't present many new opportunities and in some way, that becomes another home where relaxation is not really done but visits, shopping and those kind of activities take over.

When last did you visit a new location? Try doing that soon and I'll love to hear about your experiences...


  1. Lovely read esp for sumone like me who shares the same passion for travelling like you do.Made up my mind to do a lot of travelling nxt year (esp since ds one has technically rapped up).

    1. Go for it and we can probably share ideas on new places to visit ;)

  2. wow, nice piece...Definitely something to reflect on. Maybe I'll start traveling more often

  3. Yes I'v been thinking of travelling alot lately, but the fear of going alone has held me back lol.. Nice write up Tamize, I need to meet new people and places. YES!!!


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