Building Castles

Tony walked to the ATM with such heaviness of heart because he was about to empty his account. Notwithstanding, he went ahead as there was a basic need. As the notes came out, he wondered why he was so broke but then, the year so far had been one full one. Most challenging yet rewarding, the kind of projects he had carried out, he never thought he would. At the same time, he had been broke a few times but this broke? No! The thought terrified him but his comfort was something he heard recently and chose to apply at the moment...’this is the poorest you’ll ever be’. A smile broke out and with satisfaction he got into his car and drove off. Who would see such a good looking lad and know the kind of challenges he could be facing.

The ride home was a different one; he had driven that route one too many times but today he took a drive through some parts he normally just drove past. Affluence staring him in the face from the mansions he drove past. All about the Benjamins... A deep breath made him see clearly once again.
A boring weekend; where to go, who to call? And then a sudden realisation of how negligence with keeping in touch with friends had taken over...buried in work all the time and right after, no other thoughts but to crawl into bed. That isn’t how it should be, after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Starting a new week and a resolve to have fun right through and who knows, probably meet that crush....did I hear you ask? Oh yeah, he had a crush whom he saw from a distance every working day of the week. About time huh? Fingers crossed for him ;)

These are some of the usual everyday challenges with working class young folks. The world has become a circle which revolves around many chasing money, building castles in the clouds, chasing the wind, that we sometimes forget the things that are most important. After all is said and done, we certainly need people to share in our joy.
A balance needs to be created or else the very thing we search for, will only continue to elude us.


  1. Thank you for this Ene, I can relate to it in every way. I've been so busy this year but so broke, at the same time I think I don't have control of my life anymore...I don't want to write my own version of building castles here but you hit the nail on the head.


  2. You are welcome Florence, the good thing about writing is that someone, somewhere will always relate to it. Hope you get to create a balance pretty soon.

  3. Nice post and you are so right. A lot of time, we as people can sometimes get wrapped up in material things that we tend to to forget the things that matter the most. We def. need to learn how to balance things more and its only by God's grace!


  4. Wow nice n precise...tis' insspiring


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