That special creature

Beautifully created, moulded bit by bit. The strength inbuilt but the fragility reflects when looked upon, radiance and gloom all in one.
Multifunctional but made to complete. Curves that work up a million images in the mind but at the same time could be an instant turn off. Every part has a uniqueness about it…soft, supple, beautiful, an assignment for the mind to solve.

Made up of qualities that form good or bad…Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but beauty to some lies at face value.
Hands of steel, hearts of gold define many…naturally caring and gentle, traits present from the very beginning.

On the flip side, cunning, seductive, evil, mean… a side shown especially when scorned. Hurt and bitterness could easily be held onto but in all, easy to forgive is another trait that covers these.

Likened to a tree…birthing so many that always go to others, standing strong and tall, ready to give shelter at any time.
Battered, wounded, hurt, scorned…so many have been. Turned into aggression for all that’s locked up inside.

I’ll paraphrase a text I’ve read so many times:

“Soft yet so strong, able to overcome anything, doesn’t only think but reasons and negotiates
Tears express grief, doubt, love, loneliness, suffering, pride, always having to handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
Smiles substitute for screams, songs for tears, tears for joy and laughter.

A fight is always put up for beliefs and injustice is spoken against. No won’t be accepted as an answer when solutions can be found.
Victory for others brings tears of joy, a simple hug or kiss can be given to heal a broken heart."

A woman always knows the right moment…her love is unconditional!
The one 'factory defect' is that “SHE FORGETS WHAT SHE IS WORTH”. 

A singer said “she likes to believe she was specially and beautifully created for a certain purpose”. Everyone was, why be a shadow of yourself as a woman? Placing value on yourself is what truly makes a difference.


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