Shocked into a kiss

They were attending a seminar and he seemed to have an eye for Anita. On the other hand, another colleague of hers, Sonia, had an eye for him. Anita was oblivious…what a love triangle!

The two ladies got on very well and were fun loving people. They worked hard but also partied hard. Over the years of them working together, they had cultivated friendship between one another. They worked in different locations, so each time they saw themselves, they made the best of it. This time was no different as they were attending a regional work conference.

After a long three days of many sessions, they all went out for dinner then dancing afterwards. As the night progressed, alcohol flowed and the giggles were more than usual. Each person showed their skills on the dance floor, it was interesting to watch. When the whole team was calling it a night, Bruce offered to drop Anita and Sonia, it was his town anyway. Sonia settled in the front seat while Anita sat behind. Sonia was to fly out the next morning while Anita had a day to discover the town.

Bruce, Anita and Sonia all made jokes of different scenes from the night as they rode to the hotel. When they arrived, Anita got out and was saying good night, only to see Sonia reaching over to give Bruce a kiss. Anita watched his eyes widen in his shock,  but he seemed to kiss her back. As Sonia got out of the car giggling, Anita asked her what that was about. She mentioned that she thought he fancied her. Bruce wished her a safe trip out the next day while offering to show Anita around the day after, and set the pick up time for 11am. She reflected on what happened at the car park, it was funny to see Sonia act that way, or was it the alcohol? She went to sleep smiling.

Bruce knew his town well and Anita enjoyed her time hanging out with him. He was more of an introvert, but she found that he could hold his own. By the end of the day, when he was taking her back, he mentioned that he had a lovely day with her and he felt they could build something together. He went on to say that he had not been able to express this through the week as Anita and Sonia were always together, but Sonia had been making advances at him. He expressed his shock at her kiss but he didn’t want to embarrass her by pushing her off. He took Anita’s hand in his while saying this but she thought it was a joke and didn’t even say a word. It started to get awkward so he apologised if he was making her uncomfortable. They stayed in touch after she left, had good banter but that was it for her. She wasn’t thinking beyond. Besides, he wasn’t her type.

About 6 months later, work brought him her way. It was nice to see him and she was happy to be his guide this time. The official residence where Anita stayed had a spare room so he was booked to stay there for two weeks, the duration of his work trip. They sat chatting away one evening and he moved closer, she figured it was one of his silly moves, as he could be naughty, but before she knew it, his mouth covered hers in a kiss. She understood the shock he talked about when Sonia kissed him. She kissed him back not knowing why. After the kiss, she was left asking herself what just happened. He told her however that he had been meaning to do that for a long time. And then he went on to express feelings for her. It was pleasing to her ears, even though she felt nothing for him. All this drama was only on day three and she was asking herself how they were to coexist for two weeks. They cooked, watched films together and there was generally a good ambience around the house.

Generally, weekends were for her. She took her time and did everything at her own pace. Around 11am, she heard a knock on her door. Without thinking, she went to see who was there thinking the guards might have information for her, which was not out of place. She poked her head out of the door and was jostled back to reality with the sight of the visitor at the residence. She said hi but he proceeded to ask if he could come in. She looked frazzled, her hair all over the place and her nightie; a tiny pair of shorts and a see through thin strapped silk top with nothing underneath. She asked for a minute and rushed to get dressed. Forgetting that she had to push the door properly for it to close. The door came ajar, so he walked right in. She was getting things from her wardrobe and noticed the door. She dashed to shut it but got startled as she saw him looking through the photos on the wall at the other side of the room. At this point, unsure what to do, she shut the door anyway then he turned around. She tried to hide her perky boobs which he seemed to be feeding his eyes with while walking towards her.

She was rooted to the spot for whatever reason, unsure what to do next, no word came out of her mouth and her feet were stuck. He kissed her, this was the second time. And again, she kissed back. His hands roamed but she broke it off and fled to her bathroom, shame washing over her. She stayed there and went on to have a shower, hoping he would know to leave. It worked…she walked out in her towel to the privacy of her room and bolted the door.

By the time she was out of her room, he was fixing something to eat. She was pleased he didn’t wait, she was starving. There was an awkwardness, but she proceeded to act and sound normal. In a few minutes, it all went away and they were back to their usual chatty selves. He was a good cook, so she enjoyed this brunch/lunch or whatever it was. She settled in the living room to watch a film and he seemed to know to give her some space, so he left. He was out of sight for the entire day, that she started to wonder if he was ok. As night fell, she went to knock on his door to check. He invited her in but seemed so busy. Then suddenly, he turned around and then she noticed he seemed nervous, playing with his nails. He apologised for letting his emotions control him and kissing her without asking, both times. That whole scene, seeing him vulnerable yet sincere was so sexy to her and this time, she initiated the kiss. His whole body responded to her, and they ended up discovering each other’s bodies.

She woke up beside him and it was only 9pm. Again, she was hungry. They dragged themselves to the kitchen to fix dinner, but this man had other ideas, he pinned her to the wall and it started all over again. She moaned so loudly and had to catch herself before the guards would come knocking to see if she was ok. She had forgotten what it felt like to be touched that she was allowing herself the pleasure of enjoying it all. Maybe a little too much! They had one more day of sheer pleasure and fooling around. Thankfully the other flat mates were to be back mid-week, so she could stretch this enjoyment out for a few days.  How they managed to keep things professional at work was a mystery, no one would even suspect anything.

Just before his departure, they came up with a plan to have her flight routed through his town on her way home. It was a lovely two days with him before she went home. It was the holiday season with families and he claimed he did not like to speak to her where his family was, to avoid them putting unnecessary pressure on him. She could understand that, and she let him be. Afterall, she was on her own before he came along. She tried to push him to the back of her mind, but with each passing day, something gnawed at her, something was not right and his communication dwindled. He must have noticed her silence and started to come around, but she had put her guard up by this time. She convinced herself that the fact that they had sex, was not sufficient for them to be together. She reminded herself that he was not her type and she could do well without him. She had missed being held, he reminded her what that was like, but that was probably all there was to it.

Her boobs began to swell, but it was near that time of the month so she didn’t worry. Then her period was late by two days…and she started to freak out. She had always been cautious, how could she let this happen she chided herself. She had no intention to check, so she called him and informed him. His response made it all so clear, Bruce never intended to be with her. He was only after the honey pot. He had got it and had moved on…he told her he would take care of every responsibility required of a man if a baby came along. In that moment, she vowed that if she were pregnant, he would have no part in the child’s life. Three more days of worrying, then her red visitor made a grand entry and gave her all the closure she needed.



  1. Funny how I am glad the period was late enough for her to realise his true intentions and early enough for closures sake.

    I always love reading the stories you tell. đź’ś

    1. Yes, everything happened just the right way for her.
      Thank you, please keep coming back :-)

  2. Wow! Bruce was just a smooth operator.

    1. Exactly! Thankfully, it ended well for both parties.

  3. This was so good!!! I felt like I was reading an actual novel! Wow!!! Thank you for this lovely piece, you held me in suspense all through! I couldn't wait to see what happened in the next lines. I was totally convinced Anita was pregnant! Hahahahaa... I applaud your writing style ������������ More ink to your pen my darling girl, looking forward to reading more from you ��

  4. Wow! So thrilling a piece. Although I hoped Bruce was true about his feelings for her

  5. you've got a compelling story telling skill, welldone


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