The little flicker...

She finds it silly but her heart skips a beat each time she sees him walk through the door. 

Each time they sit to talk, they go on and on. They get on so well that she could swear that they knew each other before their meeting. They tease each other and share hearty laughter. They carry out tasks with such synchronisation, they don’t even have to think about it because it comes to them naturally.
The first time he made her chase him because he withheld information, she knew she would like this to happen with "the one". She loves to play and that’s a part she would not be willing to give up. She loves that about him.

Each time they went out, they were referred to as a couple based on assumptions. She sees the gentleness in his eyes, she sees a glint of fire when he looks at her. However, she noticed that he always avoided holding her gaze. On that day when their eyes locked, his words were “wow, you are beautiful”. The words came out before he could catch them.
It's obvious he cares and it seems like he would want more. That is a mutual feeling but for the circumstances they find themselves in, they both have to be adults. They both are not ready to take the plunge so they prefer to keep the friendship and not make an awkward situation of things. 

She hasn’t been oblivious of the times he has intentionally brushed her arm or other parts of her body, those brushes always make her heart quicken.
She looks up from her note pad and catches him staring and smiles at him. She sees him staring quite often from the corner of her eye but she tries to avoid staring back so they don’t get uncomfortable.

But it progresses in stages…from a brush, to a light touch, to hoping to be held and then it sits in her gut like a lump, too painful to swallow. But she is too proud to say anything. She is more old school and still believes that the best she would do is give the green light but he would have to make the move. 

She waits, impatiently, painfully, with such longing, it is hard. She is trying to think with her head and not her heart, and senses that he is equally doing the same.

Then she realises that this is nothing but a fantasy, one of the many pictures of a relationship that she has built over time in her wandering and very active mind, just a fraction of her wild imagination.


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