My Recent Discovery for Glowing Skin

Have you ever wondered how some people have such beautiful and glowing skin? I have asked myself so many times. I am part of a group where some information was shared about this so I decided to try. I have done this for a month and I am loving the results so far. 
The ladies were all about natural ways so the suggestions were to use homemade oils – coconut oil, lemon oil and carrot oil. There are different ways of making the oils but here are the methods I use to make my oils:

Coconut oil
-          Break the hard peels off the coconut then grate or blend (which ever works for you)
-          Soak in water for about an hour
-          Get the coconut juice/milk out by kneading (for lack of a better word) in the water
-          Use a sieve to extract the milk
-          Put the milk in a fridge overnight
-          By the next morning, the milk would have solidified, leaving the water underneath
-          Take the milk out and put in a pan
-          Use low heat while stirring to get the oil
-          The oil will come to the top while the milk would have solidified and will remain underneath
-          Sieve the oil and out and throw remains away
-          Allow to cool and voilà! You have your coconut oil

Carrot Oil
-          Grate carrots, put in a jar then pour olive oil/coconut into it and store for three to four days. Ensure that the jar is properly closed to avoid air getting in.
-          After three days, pour everything in the jar into a pan and use low heat while stirring for seven to ten minutes, sieve and your carrot oil will be ready

Lemon oil
-          Peel lemon and cut lemon peels into small pieces, put in a jar, then pour olive/coconut oil into it
-          Store in a dark place for three to four days. Ensure that the jar is properly closed to avoid air getting in.
-          Pour everything in the jar into a pan over low heat and stir for seven to ten minutes, sieve and you'll have your oil

After making all three oils, I mixed a small amount of each to try. I have used the mixture on my skin daily. My skin certainly shines and glows a lot more. It seems more hydrated and the little dryness that was there previously seems to have disappeared. 
When I get out of the shower, I do not dry my skin totally, I leave it to be slightly wet then apply the oils, that way, moisture is trapped into my skin by the oil.
Please note that if you are in the sun regularly, it might not do you good to use this mixture. Know your skin type and if need be, use oils only when indoors, at night for instance. My sister had to work on a project site for a week and the oils gave her a good tan (hahahahaha). She was not only darker but was sun burnt. Apart from the being sun burnt, she has noticed that olive oil as base is not good for her skin as olive oil makes her darker, so study your skin and see what works best for you.
One last thing, don't kid yourself…drink a lot of water, stay hydrated, that shows on your skin too!

Please be sure to leave feedback when/if you try this.


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