A bond so strong, the ability to just know, the feeling of insecurity when a lie is told. One ‘simple’ lie could spoil a relationship built over time. Somehow, more lies have to follow to cover up the ‘simple’ one that was told.
In relationships of whatever kind, someone once said that when you lie, you lose one thing which you may never get back: integrity. It reduces you in the eyes of the other person especially when it is someone whose opinion matters to you.
Sometimes there may be things known all along but you might be waiting to hear it from just one person, giving a last chance to save whatever integrity the person has.
A song I like says ‘you can play on broken strings, you can feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel…’ We can interpret that in many ways but in all, we choose not to let go so many times when need be to our detriment. Letting go is extremely difficult but in doing so, you give a chance for more and maybe better things and people to come in.
There are times that things come up and others feelings are thought of to be protected. How that can be handled without lying or hurting anyone, I wonder… It becomes inevitable, for the truth to be told, it just might hurt and in honesty, some may take it with such grace that you are left wondering what the fuss was about.
We all have been hurt sometime; felt some form of betrayal by someone we trusted so much. Sadly, some people don’t recover, but on the other hand, others do, and very quickly.
Honesty is costly…it has to be. But lies… they cost so much more.


  1. Sad truth is, there is NO relationship that will survive the 100% truth all the time. But a sign of a mature relationship is the extent to which both partners can tell the truth about things that matter.

    Truth is one of those things we sow in a relationship the more the better. I read a research today that says in a relationship for every 1 bad thing you do, you need 5 good things to make up for it.

    Touching piece Ene!

  2. Thanks,I agree with you, a lot lies with how much truth can be told and how it will be handled.

  3. hmmm one lie can indeed destroy a friendship or r/ship built over time.. Truth hurts, but eventually it pays off..nice one tammy.... Jill

  4. yesh its good to tell the truth 'always' but atimes because you think it doesnt mean you say it,we all handle communication differently.if u ask me?use ur discretion always.telling the truth dosent apply to boy -gal relationships,it applies to any oda relationship we have with the oda,be it buisness relationship,friendship,etc.

  5. Jill, thank you.
    Fummy, oh sure, some level of discretion is required, you rightly pointed out that 'we all handle communication differently'.


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