It only gets bigger and better!
When you convince yourself that you can’t do something
without even giving it a try and you finally
give it a shot and succeed at it,
the best way to describe this success is . . ."SWEET”.

Some people are not worth any time, stress or attention.
While climbing up, you certainly can’t take everyone along.
Some will slow you down,
some will encourage you,
some will even try to stop you.

Someone once asked;
‘If you have a puppy, you love it soooooo much
but all it does is bite and hurt you.
Will you still keep it?’
Some people give you reason to think really hard.

Blue moods………Grey shades…………….
Bright and dull, success and failure!
There’s only one life to live.
Make the best of it.
Success is so sweet…………

First published on January 22, 2009


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