I write because...

Some wonderful followers of my blog have asked why I have not been consistent with my writing lately. I've been wondering why too, but I think I know...

I have also been asked what the focus of my blog is. I have chosen to be open and not restrict myself to one aspect, at least for now...so I write about everyday struggles and events, things that any and everybody can relate to.

So from my place of inconsistency, which I am trying to jump out of, I am reminding myself why I like to write:
- I write because it is one of the things I love doing
- I write to let someone out there know that other people have the same struggles
- I write to clear my head
- I write because it is one of my major ways of expression
- I write just because...

A friend who reads my blog asked me a month ago to talk about my blog on her radio show this month. I wonder if I should, as I have not written much in the last month.

So I will throw it open to you out there, let's do this together :-)...
Please leave a comment or fill the contact form, almost at the end of the page on the left, with suggestions on what you might like me to write about.

I look forward to reading from you. Thank you again for always coming back even when I am inconsistent.


  1. Right!!! Finally some sign of life! Yayyy!!!
    Personally, I like it that your blog isn't restricted in terms of content so it makes it easier. I would like to read something about feminism especially with regards to relationships in the Nigerian context. Every women would have encountered it in some form or the other. I would love to read your experiences.

    1. Thank you Estrella, that is a rather broad topic! My experiences alone might be boring so how about I ask a few people and put all the experiences together? Would that be acceptable?

  2. That would be great! A melting pot of experiences would make a pleasant read I think.


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