Behind the mask

Are there times when you question what all the efforts you have put into literally everything you have ever done in your life is for?

It is especially distressing when all these efforts do not yield the kind of results the one putting in all the effort expects. Someone told me what her motivation was, she had lost a sense of who she was because it was consuming her, and requested that I publish this to help her heal...

Sometimes people hide behind their fears and insecurities, they live life seeking approval or trying to prove a point to others by everything they do. Then at the end, they realise that all that energy was wasted and it was not worth it afterall.

Fear, insecurity, those are monsters and those feelings can kill. They can kill your drive or drive you to your ruin.

Behind smiles, there could be deep issues of insecurity, hurt, pain, fear. 

Let it go, sometimes you just need to stop, breathe, re-evaluate your motives and decide whether your motivation is in order. Work on your shortcomings and be the best you can possibly be, then live, just live…


  1. Hmmmm! Short but precise. Hitting the nail on the head. Funny I was thinking about something similar just a few days back. Many of us don't try again because our thoughts and past cloud us,but a lot of the things we worry about never come to pass in the first place. All it takes sometimes is taking that tiny first step forward out of our heads and our thoughts.

  2. The fears choke you until you decide to let go and drown or decide to fight. I sometimes convince myself that whatever the direction the wind takes will guide me to my destination but I know that is cowardly. Those tiny steps like Ene has mentioned are the leaps of faith that eventually motivate us, help us achieve goals, get opportunities and enjoy life even with unending challenges.

    1. Shall I oblige you to write a sequel Maryanne? Lol


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