How do you feel about the insecurity in Abuja?

So I was asked today by my friend who does not live in Abuja how I feel about the insecurity in Abuja.

My answer to her was simple. I have chosen not to live in fear, anywhere could get hit. Besides, if I were marked to die today, death could meet me even on my bed. Nevertheless, I will not put myself at risk or ignore warnings that may be sent out. She agreed to that opinion and mentioned that she has a burden to pray for Nigeria. I encouraged her to please pray as I know that prayer goes a long way and I pray with pain and tears for my beloved country also. However, everybody in Nigeria is praying and that is part of our problem. We spend all the time praying and forget to think…the same God who is being prayed to, created brains for a reason.

Religion, the cause of so many woes?

Violence is being perpetrated in the name of religion, everybody claims to be praying, so who is thinking and who is acting? The Nigerian government cannot solve all our problems, many have alleged that the Nigerian government has failed in its duties anyway, a stark reminder being #BringBackOurGirls.

A person I think prays a lot but has stood out and really impressed me is Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili. I read an interview she recently granted to Metropole magazine about her role in the Chibok #BringBackOurGirls campaign and she mentioned very clearly that she had had enough of just getting over events and moving on, so she had to do something or else she would have been disappointed in herself.

Nigerians, how many of you can speak of/to yourselves like this? All we do is complain, it has got us nowhere. I saw a billboard with our President's face and a quote from him saying something like real Nigerians are not terrorists…are we in denial? And for how long? Maybe that myth has since been demystified? But on the other hand, could that in some way mean that we are too lily livered to act?

Different people have called for prayers at different times and on different levels but after the prayers, what happens? I doubt that God will come down from heaven to do what he has enabled human beings to do. I also do not doubt the efficacy or power there is in prayer, but I have to challenge you if you pray, to think. What could be done differently? You do have a role to play. In what way have you demanded that the government plays its role and have you played yours?

Mrs. Ezekwesili is one person, but look at the world recognition that came to the campaign thanks to her refusal to be silenced. We joined her! The girls are yet to return, but a message has been sent clearly to all. Mrs. Ezekwesili is also one who prays, probably prays very hard, and is in fact married to a pastor but she knows that prayer without works is dead. She chose to stand up and demand that something be done. Prayer warriors please take note :-)

I have seen so many articles written about the insecurity and how while we keep waiting without demanding that our government rises up to the task, or if individuals do not take collective responsibility for their own security, we may all be wiped out. It is true, it is no longer close to home but we live in insecurity now.

I have had to answer the question of how I feel about the insecurity in Abuja too many times especially because I witnessed the Nyanya bomb blast in April. So I am putting my answer out here, this is exactly how I feel.


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