I am sitting here reflecting on the events that have taken place recently in my beloved country and nothing but anger fills my mind.
We watched these things happen on TV before, but now, it seems it is all here to stay with us.
We have a government that has failed her people in every respect of the word.
From providing basic amenities to protecting the people,
the government has not been able to do anything at all. 

Series of bomb blasts happened on Christmas day and the best our president could do was give a speech that angered instead of comforting anyone.
These are the words I can find solace in right now...

Big and strong, a shelter to all yet filled with shame and disgrace,
A home to so many, leading others yet backward in so many ways,
Blessed with fertility and no natural disasters but corruption has ravaged the land.
Known for vast ethnicity and a rich cultural heritage but consumed by religious, political and ethnic bigotry.
I am a nation for all to learn from...

Years of fruitfulness, years of boom but they all rest in the past,
A time of pain, struggle and disgrace is more of a reality today,
Basic amenities, infrastructure, shelter, food....survival is all that clouds the mind.
Poverty stricken, some are willing to spill blood to get a little for the present not thinking beyond,
So much waste, so much decay for a place so blessed, yet...
I am a leader to so many...

A wide divide between regions, there is hardly any room for unity.
Leaders so selfish and thinking only of their pockets,
Political ambitions so strong, bloodshed of the innocent,
The old standing in the way of the young, idleness leading minds to evil,
Tasks so great await able minds and bodies but locked out by those connected.
I am a mother to many nations...

A continent big enough to contain other ones, I hold an important position in it yet I sleep,
Smaller nations rise to take my rightful place, negativity clouding the minds of the world yet I do nothing to change it.
 Nostalgic feelings of the former me when I had a name and others looked up to me,
I am the giant of Africa.....
I am Nigeria!


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