That game...

They both say that there is nothing, when it's rather clear to all.

It's fleeting we can all tell as there is no basis for sustenance.

The feelings are consuming them both, the attraction cannot be hidden.

It's a game, an interesting one, but there is a snag...

They've both walked down the aisle with different people!


  1. With inexcusable excuses that are never justifiable. The power of Choice can never be over ridden. " her nagging drove me out..., his aggression

    A cloud of excuses without basis precedes..."her nagging drove me out...his temper made me burn the candles at both ends..." Still, choice...the next set of actions will determine the outcome. WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE... N
    o matter the injustice or wrong, the choice option. Do you think anything justifies the game?


    1. I agree that there is always a choice to make. Personally, I do not think I have the strength to play games, takes too much. Depending on what the circumstances may be, there are two options, stay true to the vows that were made or walk away and be free to do as one pleases. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Nancie.

  2. As adults, they are free to do as they like. My sympathy only goes to their spouses and children if any...

    1. True, loved ones will always be at the receiving end sadly.


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