Salad mix

I have not been consistent with the food section of this blog, for that I apologise.

I saw a photo of one of Chrissy Teigen’s dishes and it was one I knew I would definitely like to try. I cannot give any references to the recipe for it because all I saw was a photo. I looked at the ingredients and I would say it’s a dish for any day, it is super easy.

The quantity of ingredients you use will depend on how many people the dish will be prepared for. I made this for one, so didn’t need much. At the end, it could serve two. Slight modifications to the photo I saw though. 

Here are the ingredients:
-          Ham (I am sure this can be substituted with any meat of your choice)
-          Cucumber
-          Carrots
-          Eggs
-          Onions
-          Sweet corn
-          Black pepper
       Olive oil

Method of preparation:
Clean carrots then grate
Peel and deseed cucumber, then cut in rings
Peel and chop onions
Boil eggs then peel and cut in round thin slices. An egg cutter does the job perfectly
Cut ham into bite sizes
Grease pan with olive oil and put over low heat
Throw the ham in, stir for a minute
Pour the onions in and stir for another minute
Add sweet corn and a bit of black pepper
Stir together for a minute and turn off heat

Now that all the ingredients are ready, arrange on a plate/tray as you please. I did so in two layers and all the carrots seem to be hidden, arrgghhh!

I had it without a dressing, the rich fusion of tastes was sufficient. If you would like a dressing, I am unsure which to recommend, so if you use one, please feel free to share which you use.

Next time I try, I might add lettuce and cheese to the ingredient list.

Thanks for reading...


  1. My mouth is watering. I hope I won't create a disaster trying to make this. Lol... Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome. You will be fine, it's a salad afterall :-)


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