I went to church

Whenever I move to a new place, at some point I tend to look for a place of worship. These days that should not be so hard as there are churches at almost every corner. Well, it takes me time to settle in a church as I do not necessarily agree with every practice. I have to feel comfortable to some extent with what happens there and the church should be able to respond to my need for a church. Otherwise, no thanks.
I think I have spotted about five churches around the area I live, I spotted a Baptist church and decided to go there because from my knowledge of Baptist churches, they are somewhat conservative, which is my preference. A mix of everything is not bad but shouting gets to me. 

The service started about ten minutes late with a prayer session. I was happy to pray with brethren as I hadn’t been in a church for about a month. The sound system was distorted which made everything noisy but it was bearable so I stayed. After that, the choir took over to lead a session of praise. I always look forward to this part of church, it lifts my spirit + I love music. Well, the bad sound system didn’t do much justice to the singing. One person’s voice coming out of a distorted sound system is bad enough, but imagine many singers, singing terribly, with drums and other instruments all combined from the sound system? The sound was painful to listen to. The lack of coordination between the singers also fascinated me. After ten minutes of the singing, I left as my head started aching. 

I walked out of the Baptist church with the intention of going home to get myself together for my next trip. I had an hour left for any preparations. I had done most of it anyway… I'd always seen a Presbyterian church on the street where I live, for some reason, there was a pull to go in today. I did and was pleasantly surprised! 

The church building looked like a solid structure that had been there for a while. Inside, it was very well organised, neat, and it looked like a catholic church I'd been in that had an elevated cubicle for the priests. The hymns and the passages for bible readings for the day were displayed in front. I walked in just as the bible reading was going on and it was in English, another surprise! The preaching followed which was apt, no shouting involved :-) I missed most parts of the service so I cannot judge how exactly it might have been. We sang a hymn and the offering started then I slipped out with fifteen minutes left to departure. I asked on my way what time service starts every Sunday and was told 9am. 

I basically had a full service, but in two churches…The next time I am around on a Sunday, I will go back to the Presbyterian church, then, I can draw my conclusions on whether to stay or continue my search.


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    1. Oh thank you for reading. What subject exactly if I might ask?


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