May ~ Mental Health Awareness Month

 “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives” – a phrase I heard regularly on TV during my childhood. One I’ve come to appreciate now. By the way, if this was part of your childhood, you probably know the TV programme I’m referring to and you’ve earned the right to be called an elder 😊 I'd be keen to know if you know which programme it is.

The sun setting over Yangon

Every sunset and sunrise come with the hope that we could still do something meaningful. We trudge on through life despite the many challenges and we sometimes take for granted the things and people we think will always be there. Someone here today may be gone tomorrow, and nothing is guaranteed. The line of everyone is fighting their own battle has become excessively popular. The world is much harder than it used to be which takes its toll on people in different ways. Mental health being one hidden part, as it doesn’t instantly show.

May, I’ve heard is mental health awareness month, and in one way or the other, we all deal with mental health issues. There used to be so much stigma around admitting to not being okay, but increasingly, people are able to speak more openly about it. There are also more resources available now to help people deal with different situations.

In certain professions, unfortunately, overworking and sometimes burnout is glorified, which leaves people assuming that it is normal. But I know from experience that speaking out is always the first step to seeking and finding a solution. People typically tend to delay speaking out or seeking professional help with mental health issues for fear of stigmatisation. 

Interestingly, I found that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (both UN agencies) have jointly developed a publication entitled "Mental health, human rights and legislation: guidance and practice". See an excerpt below:

"Mental health is growing as a public health priority and human rights imperative, and an increasing number of countries are wishing to adopt or reform legislation related to mental health. However, laws on mental health, currently often fail to address discrimination and human rights violations including in mental health care settings. In order to support countries in this area, the World Health Organisation and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights have jointly developed the publication which you can find hereMental health, human rights and legislation: guidance and practice ("

Reading stories of some who dealt with major mental health challenges and came out of it, some were waiting for acknowledgement or validation which never came. They were brave enough to take the bull by the horn and seek help, despite the stigma sometimes. In many cases, you have to be your own hype woman or man and make the best out of the fleeting moments of this life that you have, which includes your mental wellbeing.


  1. I watched the TV show! "Days of Our Lives"! Thanks for this lovely write-up Ene, it is a message for "today", and the future. I hope we'll continue to have more of these conversations to prioritize our mental well-being, amongst others.


    1. You are the first to respond and yep that's the TV programme 😊
      These conversations are so important and people need to know that they aren't alone. Thanks for always stopping by Efua.


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