Morning Walks in the Park

I go on walks early most mornings, in the park close to where I live.

With each passing day, on my morning walks, I get one more nod, one more smile, one more good morning. Different faces are now becoming familiar ones.

There are two older men who do not fail to call out, greeting good morning even before I spot them. A group of women do the same. Different people would smile, some say beautiful, some would nod and of course there are the ones who seem so grumpy and would not look at anyone but remain focused on their path. 

Occasionally you'll see young lovers, who cannot seem to get enough of one another. Hugging each other like the other person is about to disappear or kissing like their lives depend on it. I caught myself smiling at the two couples I saw this morning at different spots. I always wonder why they come out to the park so early, especially now with the heat. I digress...

There are women who sell different items, one sells breakfast packs, she would look up and greet me in their language each time. "Mingalarpar" she says so sweetly. Now, I greet her even before she notices me with that one word I know to say so well. The other one sells a local snack, she greets me with a wide smile and doesn't fail to add 'very beautiful'. The third one sells fruit, mostly papaya (pawpaw). I buy from her from time to time, so she points towards her fruit in case I am interested.

Many still stare at me in fascination. Children tug at their parents when they pass, in wonder of the difference I suppose. This morning was interesting, I was offered flowers by one of the older men and his wife. 

I had seen people with the same kind of flowers but didn't think much of it. The group of women also had flowers and were taking photos, they pulled me in for a photo. I saw the same flowers in the office with a colleague and asked her what they represented. According to her, normally these flowers bloom in April for the water festival but were late this year and have just started to bloom with the first rains.

And I slowly realise that I'm becoming part of the flora and fauna here. This place I currently call home.

NB - Mingalarpar is hello in Myanmar language


  1. Ene is like POSSESSION of generosity and that's is the FLOWER in you. Like often say ene- Mary like the person of mary


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