What do you do when every principle you ever stood for gets tested?

How do you react when lies, deceit and obscenities get juxtaposed as your new truth?

How do you defend the very thing that once was all you ever held onto as your belief?

How do you set up new values to substitute for what your very character was built on?

What explanation can be given for the fact that all the efforts, all the hard work seem to pass right through your fingers with no reward?

How do you face the world with your new findings about life?

How do you face the world after all the strength you ever had has come out of you from the tears that have ceased to stop flowing?

How do you explain the pain that sits in your gut and never seems to go away from the loss?

How do you explain the fact that peace and contentment seem to elude you?

Why do people tend to take good people for granted? Or why do the good ones die first?

How do you explain that sometimes love just won't be reciprocated?

Where is the world headed to with all the horror we see, hear about and live in?
How do you explain that all the trials and tests are meant to make one a stronger person as the say?

How can you explain that life comes with no manual but each person has to stumble, fall then find his/her way?


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