I wrote this report in 2010 when I still had some of the 'techie'ness (as my colleagues at the time liked to say) left in me.  My report

I may not have followed up completely with the Nigerian Research and Education Network but following up on this report, work is still being done and efforts are being made, more clusters have been formed but how involved is the community in this effort?

Nigeria is a large country with diversity as large and on so many occassions, agreement wanders far off. 
Eko-Konnect, SokREN and OsunREN are the clusters in Nigeria that are currently up and running. The idea behind the clusters is to get the Higher Institutions in different regions to collaborate and at some point, they can all come together to form the National Research and Education Network (REN).

Well, I'll let you read more about this yourself but I have to warn you that it is somewhat 'technical' :-) See these links for yourself please Nigerian Research and Education Network and Ekokonnect (one of the many clusters).

What do you think of the NgREN?


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