Bitter Sweet

A story once untold, a tale once heard
From far away in the land of the unknown
To right amongst us

Hearts locked, deep crevices,
Cold as ice, devoid of all emotion
No impasse reachable, just blatant refusal

Years gone by, all down the drain
A life built together with blood and sweat and tears
Some wonderful memories will always remain

Unspoken words, unhealed wounds,
Deep hurt that time may never erase
Broken jaws, black eyes, maybe paranoia

Constantly engulfed in trepidation
Ashamed to reach out
For the criticism that would follow

Words once brought healing and assurance
Now they hurt, they pierce deep
Better left unspoken

Long ago sincere vows were made from deep within
Bitter those vows have turned never to regain any sweetness
Irreconcilable differences describes it most succinctly…


  1. May this never be my story or yours biko!

    1. I pray so! Too much of it around these days...

  2. Hmmm. I wanted to say GOD FORBID O, but then I just paused to ponder a bit cos so many people forbid things only to find themselves in it. It sure takes more than praying about it, we have to play our parts in making it work. Hurts are almost inevitable but forgiveness is also possible. God help us all.
    Thanx Ene

    1. I agree with you Gbenga. Thanks for reading.

  3. Ene this is a hauntingly beautiful poem. You've got a talent for writing these. Here's to your heart finding what it is looking for and avoiding this despair


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