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Blazing hot, reflections unbearable to the eyes, that's how hot the sun has been in this part of the world.
Luckily, a thick mast of clouds have begun to gather, black and ready to burst,
nothing withheld, the downpour came...breeze, coolness, lower temperatures, phew!
The sound on the roof, the clean smell everywhere, beautiful green to behold, nature.
Its the rainy season :-)

I have a free Saturday this weekend, yippee!
I literally have my Saturdays dedicated to attending friends’ weddings these days. So many people are getting married. It is a pleasure to witness love expressed by taking the bold step to tie the knot.

On the other hand, I also ask myself every now and then, why are there so many divorces today? 
Marriage as I have understood from when I was a child is an institution that is meant to last for a life time. So what is it people are doing wrong? Many of our parents have stayed together through thick and thin. They didn’t have as much information and opportunities to make their lives as beautiful as ours are today, but they stayed. 

I read somewhere; a young lady asked an old woman how she and her husband managed to stay together for 75 years and the woman said ‘we are from a generation where even when things aren’t going as we want, we fix those things and not walk away’. . . deep! 
Aren’t there times when some things just cannot be fixed? I have heard of a few divorces and some marriages are simply beyond repair. What should such people do?

I have also seen people rush into marriage from pressure from family, society and themselves. Why, is the question I usually ask? Especially when a person puts him/herself under pressure..."all my friends are married, I have to get married too", yeah yeah! It doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone.

Does love even exist some ask but still go ahead to get married to someone they can’t really say they love. Is that right? Love will come I have heard but ermm....
Just last night a friend complained about how terrified she was about getting married, she loves her boyfriend and he has been asking her to marry him but she is holding back, she doesn’t feel like she is ready yet. Can anyone be ready enough for marriage? It’s a lifetime commitment, that’s huge but marriage is a beautiful thing for those who get it right.

Anyway, to all my married friends and those getting married in the near future, hearty cheers go out to you all! Wishing you every good thing that comes with being married.


  1. true talk dear, it is very scary to see the divorce rates increase! i wonder if our parents had so much to fear when it came to the subject of marriage...could this also be as a result of the moral decadence we see in our present society?? God help us all. As for this heat, as much as i hate the rains, i dont mind it pouring all day! lol

    1. I am sure they certainly had a lot to fear but they ventured in all the same. The moral decadence is certainly a part of it all and we could go on giving reasons. But at the end of the day, if we have more people thinking long and hard and less people rushing into marriage, I guess that will also do us all some good. Seen the movie 'Fools rush in'?

  2. My dear marriage is an institution, n like most institutions u need to study hard (urselves), research n do lots of assignments to aim high. But everyone wants simpler ways unfortunately. Secondly it ws presented b4 God on d first movement of total commitment but unfortunately most pple ddont let him in or ever remember to invite him. Lastly globle technology has affected things most of our parents didn't hv bb, or computer,cars etc to distract dem. Ur closest frend ws miles away so u rada swallow ur bitternes till it ws sweet.yes sm marriages seem unrepairable but wats d foundation? Ws it love or in fatuation? Were de prepared or deperate.lastly did de pray n plan?wish it ws as easy as talkin but Gods grace is always sufficient.may he help us all.

    1. There is a lot to marriage and patience is one thing that is key. So much is always easier said than done like you have mentioned.


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