What pays?

Does it pay to be good anymore? A friend of mine blurted that question out while we were having a conversation. We had a very long conversation about life which touched about everything.
She had gone through some experiences that were making her question all she was taught and believed in.
I actually took time to reflect on this question: today does it pay to be good? It seems the good people are the bad ones because they refuse to conform and they end up looking imprudent for their actions. On the other hand, so much evil is perpetrated and it is second to normal to be bad.
In the society, at work places, corruption is so rampant, in the news there are always evil stories making headlines.

Sometimes when things go wrong, we dwell on our grief, our hurt, our anger and our pain. At that point, we turn selfish because we do not want the world to move on, but sadly the world and life does go on.
I have been through a phase recently where everything seemed to just go wrong, it all tumbled from one into the other and it looked like I had nobody to turn to. But then, I had built a wall around myself and didn't want to let anybody in. I could easily relate to some of her experiences, where she was coming from and how she may have been feeling.

What pays today actually? I am yet to get an answer to that question...
Some things are just plain wrong no matter how much we try to excuse them. The society and people could allow some things but does that make them right? Setting ones own principles and standards help to define who a person is.

One of the blogs I follow has been doing a grateful series and I learn everyday to be grateful for all I have, the opportunities that present themselves, experiences I have had, situations I am exposed to and most of all for my loved ones who can very easily be taken for granted. 
I am grateful for the way I was raised, I am grateful for the fact that I can clearly differentiate right from wrong, I am grateful that I have choices to make for which I am responsible. If I make wrong choices, one thing I tell myself always is to live with it and give no room for regrets. I am grateful for life, for love, for the good and the bad, I am grateful that I have known hurt and pain which will help me appreciate comfort and people being there. I have so much to be grateful for, the list is endless.

When we dwell on ourselves, less is achieved. The more selfless we are, the happier we tend to be. At the end of the day, it pays to be good and it saves everyone a whole lot of stress.


  1. oh well,it pays to be a very good fellow and all that,but atimes it also pays to built fences around u too lest u get hurt and u chi 2-0.i use to be very very nyc and all lovy dovy to everyone as i trust too much.but after few experiences,i had to cut down a little and be strong for myself.even if i get hurt,it would be a lesser pain.shikena

    1. Hahahahaha Funmi, as much as building fences help, knowing when to let your guard down is also necessary, don't you think?


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