Benefits of Travelling

 Let’s face it, life can be hard. We have a lot going on at different times of our lives. How do you disconnect from all the pressure and obligations we have? When do you get some down time?

Travelling is one way, at least it works for me from experience and from feedback I’ve got from fellow travellers.

Some benefits of travelling:

-      - We all have routines and we are surrounded by family and friends. In this space, we may not have the room to rest, or think to do things differently, so we carry on with life. I have heard of people who woke up one day and realized that life seemed to have passed with them experiencing little of it. Being intentional about creating experiences and moments we can look back on fondly is something to keep  in mind. Travel could be a form of escape from your daily life, it is time you take away for rejuvenation and introspection. When you go away from your comfort zone, you are forced to see things differently. If you are bold enough to travel alone like I do, you’ll get to interact with other people and see things you may not normally notice. Sometimes, you compare to what you would normally do which could give you reason to change your mindset. If you go with family or friends, you would be away from the usual and it provides a time for connection, fun, laughter and in some cases, couples get to talk, really talk, and reconnect once more.

-      -  Imagine going to a place and you discover that people prefer to live a nomadic life compared to being stationary. Imagine people who prefer to live in the woods and would not want to live in a city. People have preferences that may not resonate with you. How would you react to difference? Travel opens the mind to difference, it lays the foundation for inclusion, shows you how differently people live from you. It exposes you to new things and experiences money cannot buy. Your patience would be tested, but your curiosity would grow which helps self-awareness. From travelling, we can get an appreciation of the ordinary and mundane things we would normally take for granted or complain about. Travel and these experiences give you an education which have a way of boosting your confidence.

-     - Travelling improves creativity and your communication skills because you are forced to think beyond your usual way or style of communication. You could find yourself in a country where no one speaks English or a language you are familiar with. Many people resort to google translate. Others like me would try to communicate through gestures, or in cases where I have to buy things, I would ask the sellers to write the figures on a calculator. You could also try to learn a few words; locals tend to appreciate this. We find ways to communicate, and it helps if you do not take yourself too seriously, that way you won’t hold back. Improvising, problem-solving and quick thinking always come in handy in times like these. In some cases, silence could be what you need to shut out the many thoughts that could be in your head.

        There are different types of travellers – explorers/adventurous travellers or those who would prefer to do nothing and would stay in an all-inclusive resort for example. Depending on where you are mentally, or your preference, there is no wrong way to travel. We all have different expectations and people look for different things out of their trips. I always encourage people to try to experience the place, interact with the locals, venture out and it will definitely open your mind.

Tips for travelling:

i)                    Does travel have to be expensive? Not necessarily. A lot depends on your expectations. You can travel on a budget. Plan according to your budget, research on what’s available within that range. If you do not have a budget and can splurge, that's great. But research is still required to fit your taste. What kind of activities would you like to do? Find what’s within your budget. With tickets, are there particular days or times of the day when tickets are cheaper? Are there budget friendly airlines? Are there airlines that give discounts in particular seasons? Do some research and check.  Organising a trip requires research and planning.

ii)                   You don’t have to travel far. There are always places to explore and discover around you. We easily take where we live for granted, but I can assure you that there are always hidden gems around us.

iii)                 A short trip can do the trick. A weekend could be long enough for one person, while 2 weeks could be what another person requires. But if you are starting, I would suggest to start with a short trip and see how you feel. You’ll know if more time should be taken for your next trip or a few days could be all you need.

iv)                 If you are going to another country, would you need a visa? What are the requirements? How long would it take to gather the required documents? How long will it take to get the visa? Don’t leave things to chance or last minute as it could become a source of stress

v)                   You don’t have many days off? Plan. You can plan trips around public holidays and weekends. If there is a public holiday on Wednesday for instance, leave on Tuesday night, then take Thursday and Friday off + the weekend. That would easily give you 5 days.

vi)                 Always bear safety tips in mind. Read reviews to see how safe it is where you are going.  Are there norms to bear in mind? What is and isn’t appropriate? Are there times of the day or night you shouldn’t be outside? Always notify someone of your whereabouts in case anything happens.

Research, plan and organise, I can’t stress these words enough.

To conclude, one of my favourite travel quotes is from Gustave Flaubert "Travel  makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy  in the world".


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