Safari in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

There was a public holiday to mark the Eid Al Fitr celebration so we left Kibondo 😊

We went to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. There was a volcano that erupted then collapsed on itself leaving the crater behind. It is vast, beautiful land. The conservation area has a free range part where animals roam freely, to get to the crater, there is a descent which the safari trucks do.

The crater is beautiful, isn't it?

All this beauty!

We got in quite early and there was morning fog. That did not stop us from seeing our first lion strolling on our way. From the minute we got down to the crater, there were animals everywhere. We were fortunate to see 4 out of the big 5!

Doesn't he look so majestic?!

We spotted this rhinoceros from a distance and waited for it to get close to us

Later on, we saw a pack of 16 lions at some point. The lions were so unbothered by the cars and human beings in them scuttling all over the place to get a good view. In fact, some of the lions walked majestically to lie between the cars for shade. The view was close up, it was incredible.

Tourists....hehehehehe. I was one of them!

Some of the other animals we saw:
Of all the photos of hyenas I took, I love this one most!


Seeing these hippos roll over was interesting to watch


Getting out of Kibondo, we spent three days between planes and in cars (mostly long drives in cars) to get one full day of this safari and it was so worth it.

My travel buddies

Can you see hippos in the water?

I don't know what we were all doing but I love how candid this photo is
I've heard that the Serengeti is magical but this is certainly a cheaper option with as much beauty and magic, me thinks.

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  1. Wow...breathtaking.
    This holiday was so worth it. the animals.

    1. The time away certainly did us good. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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