My Jacob's Cream Crackers

These crackers are the truth! They have been my companion for years.

For the kind of work I do, I prefer eating something dry, devoid of any form of spices when I am out working on the field. I work in sometimes difficult terrains to navigate where bumpiness is normal as there might be only dirt roads.
I live on these crackers and apples (when they are available) on the field. I could find these easily anywhere in Nigeria. However, the last time I worked in another country, the 2 packs I took with me from Nigeria finished quite quickly as I was on the field much more than I was in the office.

I took for granted that I would find Jacob's Cream Crackers anywhere so when I ran out, I went to the only supermarket that existed in Bertoua town. To my surprise, there was nothing like that and they had no clue what I was talking about. My colleague was going to the capital, Yaounde, so I sent the pack with him but he could not find it. I was gutted so I had to find an alternative. The biscuits pictured in this post where I wrote about my time in Cameroon became my go to.

I am in another country now and one of the things I remembered to do was to check the supermarkets in the main city to see if I could find certain things. I walked over to the biscuit shelf and almost started squealing in delight as my Jacob's Cream Crackers were on the shelf! I saw a few other things that I would need in the long run. For the time being, I have enough. I was adequately notified to bring all I need and more as I live in a smal town/village.

It took close to a three hour flight from the main city, Dar es Salaam, then a five hour road trip on dirt roads to get here. By the way, did you know that Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania? It was changed from Dar es Salaam in 1996 but I hear that it is just now that structures are actively being transferred there.

Anyway, we landed in Kigoma where the airport is, the view from the hotel we stayed in was breathtaking. It is a gem hidden in the midle of nowhere. The hotel overlooks the historic Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest freshwater lake! My colleague knew the tracks so he led me on a trail leading to the lake. It was a 15 minute walk. The lake was beautiful to behold.

As we proceeded the next day to another town, he warned me to get any last minute supplies. For a minute I wondered whether he was exaggerating but he infact knew exactly what he was talking about. That was the last place he found whole milk and a few other things.

It’s the rainy season so it’s green, lush and nice. The temperature here hovers between 12̊C and 24̊C so it is quite cool and gets chilly. The local people are nice and there are a lot of international organisations here.

At night I can hear insects chirping or sounds from 'animals' as my colleague put it 😅from my room. It is quiet and calm...away from the craziness of big cities.The water is brown as the source is the river I hear...untreated. All white clothes that made their way here with me will have to be kept away! Dispensers always come to the rescue in places like this for drinking and cooking water.

Market days are on Saturdays and Thursdays so I went to the market one Saturday morning.I got a few things that might not be available every day like apples. Hahahaaha

It is going to be a fun year here in Kibondo. This place will certainly grow on me.


  1. Wow, nice write up to wake up to.
    Sounds like a script for Hollywood.
    More grace to you. Que cette terre te soit douce et bienveillante.

  2. It is always refreshing to read your writing. I had a favourite biscuit while growing up,God keep you safe.

    1. I wonder how long this one will be the go to for. Thanks for reading.

  3. Mary Alicha Nwoye21 January 2018 at 15:15

    Thanks for sharing this. Do have a nice time in Kibondo.

  4. Wow....interesting place. Maybe you should have a script on this? Nollywood in action. Do you receive DHL? I can send a carton to you.

    1. I will take you up on this! The carton I must receive :-)

  5. Reading this reminded me of watching "the gods must be crazy". Remember the movie? na real mission you go for Kibondo. Stay safe love, and enjoy your stay there.

    1. How in God's name did this remind you of that film?! Now you have me laughing here.

  6. I know you'll make your stay a fun one as you always find ways to bring excitement into your life.
    Lovely write-up dear.

  7. Wow, you're surely seeing the world... Pls do take care of yourself and see you soon.


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