A rainy day in December!

We were woken by the sound of rain and our puppies crying in the wee hours of the morning. 

The puppies were born in October (8 of them) and it has been dry since then. The rainy season stopped at the end of September and harmattan kicked in since October. 

We kept the puppies in the garage at night time but they didn’t like that, they would cry a lot and have us tend to them to calm them down at different points in the night.
Thinking that they might have wanted to spend the night outside, we put them in a cage that gives them a good view of the garden, hoping that would do the trick, but no! They would wail all night.

So we took the bold step to let them roam free in the compound at night. They had the older dogs, their parents, there to hang out with, so that seemed to have done the trick.

The puppies had never seen or known rain so when we heard the 'strange' sound of rain, we were tempted to run out and get them to a dry place, but figured that it would be best to let them learn from the older dogs.

As an individual aware of the times and weather, this has never happened. Rain in December, during harmattan? It is a first!

All this got me thinking…

Change they say is constant, even the climate has to take part in the change.

We voted for change in Nigeria and have indeed had change.

2017 has been different, it has been one interesting, challenging and intrigue filled year.

2018 is just round the corner and I am happy for the big change I am walking into.

Do you smell Christmas already?! 

My very best wishes to you and yours this Christmas and I hope 2018 brings the best kind of change that we all hope for.

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  1. Seriously feeling n smelling the Christmas. Hmmm December rain in Abuja? Don't need anyone to tell me the climate is now freestyling.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Patience. Merry Christmas in advance.


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