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The climate in Nigeria seems to have experienced a big shift as it is a lot different from as near as ten years ago. With this difference, one would wonder what outdoor activities can be done to enhance well being. The first thing that comes to mind would be forms of exercise but at the same time there are relaxing and fun activities. The location determines to a large extent what these activities will be. Here are some ideas:

Swimming – We do not experience winter and our temperatures do not even drop as low as 10 degrees (Jos in Plateau State might be an exception to this though). Swimming is an all season booster. It rejuvenates; it refreshes and is a great form of exercise as it works all parts of the body. After a hard day’s job, getting into a pool of water is always a quick way to relax the muscles. If you do not have a phobia for water that is :-)

Jogging/Running – If you do not have any form of arthritis, this might be one great way to keep fit and stay healthy. If you are one for a rush of adrenaline, this is certainly a way to get the adrenaline surge. Certain people have used running/jogging to let out frustrations: when you can’t scream or shout or have no way of reacting, get your running kit out and take to your heels. It would make you feel better and at the end of the day, you would have done something that brings benefit to your well being. However, it is always advised that running/jogging be done in safe areas. In Nigeria where side walks are not necessarily respected by motorists, please understand the terrain where you are before you start running/jogging. Also, in extreme heat, please be sure to have some water with you in order to stay rehydrated.

Walking – This is another form of exercise that helps relaxation and keeping fit. Some like to take it easy so this may suit such people best. Fast walks, strolls are all ways to just keep yourself moving.

Games – There are too many to count; tennis, badminton, table tennis. Not many of us in Nigeria like the idea of climbing rocks or mountains but slowly people are beginning to do that. Although games require mental energy, the body is also used in its entirety. Playing games with friends is a great thing to do or on the other hand, a way to make new friends.  

Nature – We forget sometimes to stop and appreciate how breath taking nature is. This is one activity that is purely pleasurable. It teaches us to appreciate how we are, the things around us. When last did you sit and just stare, at the skies, the trees, the many things we didn’t put there but have always been there that we take for granted? Apart from these things, the activities and the people we observe carrying out everyday activities around could just remind you to stop, take a moment and breathe. We all need to slow down sometimes, just observing being quiet, connecting with our inner selves and appreciating our very existence is enough to make a difference. Sometimes in these quiet moments, it could be worth it evaluating ourselves, restrategising and sometimes doing absolutely nothing but experiencing inner peace. We don’t have to always be busy, we sure need rest every now and again.

Now you might ask why these activities are being encouraged. Here are a few reasons:
  • All these test your stamina and encourage you to keep fit
  • These are all healthy practices that add to your well being by reducing the risk of overweight, heart diseases and you name them
  • Helps you keep in touch with your inner self by finding peace
  • Improves your strength and mental health

How healthy are you in the first place? When last did you do any of these activities? I think you should try them, thank me later :-)


  1. Nice one. The role of exercises in the human body can never be over emphasized. Think about it and get cracking.....

    1. Yes Ene, exercise is often over looked where as it is important. Thanks for reading.


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